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KEYNOTE Mario Capecchi (Salt Lake City, USA) - Mouse Genetics and Genomic Medicine
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Chris Austin (Boston, USA) - From mouse genetics to human genomics to translational medicine
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Kym Boycott (Ottawa, Canada) - Canada's experience linking rare disease gene discovery to mechanism
(117 Total Views )
Rob Williams (Memphis, USA) - How To Build Robust Platforms for Experimental Precision Medicine Using Mice and Rats—Members of the Supraprimate Superorder
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Steve Brown (Harwell, UK) - International Mouse Phenotyping Consortium: the generation of a comprehensive catalogue of gene function for genomic medicine
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Tudor Oprea (Albuquerque, USA) - lluminating the Rare Disease Proteome
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Damian Smedley (London, UK) - Application of IMPC data to rare disease diagnostics and discovery
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Daria Julkowska (Paris, France) - The European Joint Programme on Rare Diseases – the power of multistakeholder collaboration for the benefit of rare diseases patients
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Malte Spielmann (Seattle, USA) Single cell “whole embryo” phenotyping of developmental disorders
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Henrik Westerberg (Harwell, UK) - Exploring the IMPC embryo pipeline phenoscape with automatically annotated abnormal organ volumes
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Evangelia Petsalaki (Cambridge, UK) - Using CRISPR to dissect context-dependent cancer signaling networks
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Ignatia Van Den Veyver (Houston, USA) - Fetal precision medicine and the value of mouse models and transdisciplinary collaboration
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Damaris Lorenzo (Chapel Hill, USA) - Pathological mechanisms of the SPTBN1 syndrome
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Pilar Cacheiro (London, UK) - Early lethal genes in humans
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Erin Young (Kansas City, USA) - Genetic Determinants of inflammatory hypersensitivity: From systems genetics to clinical translation
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Jinchuan Xing (Piscataway, USA) - The combination of multiple types of evidence to prioritize candidate genes for Tourette’s Disorder
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Jason Lerch (Oxford, UK) - Using mouse models to understand convergence and divergence in autism
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Jacqui White (Bar Harbor, USA) - Identifying genetic determinants of inflammatory pain in mice
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Silvia Mandillo (Rome, Italy) - The potential of home cage monitoring to screen mice for sleep disturbances
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Elissa Chesler (Bar Harbor,USA) - Network based prioritization of human GWAS candidates for schizophrenia using IMPC behavioral phenotypes
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Sabine Hoelter-Koch (Munich, Germany) - PREMOS: the European Brain Research Area Cluster on predictive model systems
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Josef Penninger (Vancouver, Canada) - ACE2 - from fly hearts to the heart of a pandemic
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Paul McCray (Iowa City, USA) - Mouse models of COVID-19 for studies of pathogenesis, preventions, and treatments
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Je Kyung Seong (Seoul, Korea) - Large scale Preclinal Test for COVID-19 infection
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Marc-Phillip Hitz (Kiel, Germany) - Adamts19 and the use of an IMPC mouse model
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Tara Rasmussen (Houston, USA) - After the Pipeline: Identifying the Role of Glycogenin in Fetal Hearts
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Xiaolei Xu (Rochester, USA) - SORBS2 and arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy
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Nadine Spielmann (Munich, Germany) - High-throughput mouse phenotyping in IMPC for the discovery of novel gene functions linked to human cardiovascular disease
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Zhihao Jia (Suzhou, China) - PRMT5 regulates fatty acid metabolism and lipid droplet biogenesis
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Oliver Fiehn (Davis, USA) - Sex-dependent plasma metabolome and its association with IMPC mouse phenotypes
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Korbinian Riedhammer (Munich, Germany) - FOXD2 as a candidate gene for a syndromic congenital disease of the kidney and urinary tract (CAKUT)
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Jan Rozman (Prague, Czech Republic) - High-throughput mouse phenotyping in IMPC for the discovery of novel gene functions linked to human metabolic disease
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Janet Rossant (Toronto, Canada) - The ongoing role of mouse genetics in human precision health
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Lucia Monaco (Milan, Italy) - Fostering progression from basic research to accessible diagnosis and therapies for rare diseases: the IRDiRC perspective
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Hugo Bellen (Houston, USA) - Strategies in flies to diagnose rare diseases and enabling preclinical studies
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Yann Herault (Strasbourg, France) - Investigating copy number variant diseases using mouse models from genetic dissection to preclinical proof of concept
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Yong Tian (Peking, China) - Deciphering novel noncoding genes in mouse genome
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Len Pennacchio (Los Angeles, USA) - In Vivo Studies of Human Genome Function
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Monica Justice (Toronto, Canada) - Far To Go: Deciphering genomic communication and networks in mammals
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Radislav Sedláček (Prague, Czech Republic) - Beyond the null allele: from gene variants to gene networks and environmental impact
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Concluding Remarks
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14:10 - 14:50 Mouse Genetics and Genomic Medicine
14:50 - 16:30 SESSION I - Delivering the challenges of genomic medicine
16:45 – 18:50 16:45 – 18:50 SESSION II: Big data and mouse genetics - Approaches to the analysis, integration, and application of data on gene function
19:35 - 20:20 19:35 - 20:20 SESSION III: Essential genes in mammals
20:50 - 22:45 20:50 - 22:45 SESSION IV: Behaviour, sensory, and pain

14:05 - 15:20 SESSION V: Use of mouse resources during the COVID-19 Pandemic
15:20-16:20 SESSION VI: Cardiovascular
16:35 – 17:35 SESSION VII: Metabolism
18:25 – 20:05 SESSION VIII: Mouse Genetics and Precision medicine
20:20 – 22:15 SESSION IX: Future challenges towards 2030