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Introduction | A.Panagopoulos
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N. Gomes | Long Biceps Subpectoral Tenodesis with Suspensory Button and Bicortical Fixation
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E. M. Fandridis | Superior Capsular Reconstruction with Double Bundle of the Long Head Biceps Tendon. The "BOX" technique
(121 Total Views )
P. Valenti | Massive Rotator Cuff tear. Indications surgical technique, and results of lower trapezius transfer
(112 Total Views )
J. Kany | Massive Rotator Cuff tear. Indications, surgical technique and results of Latissimus Dorsi transfer
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A. Boutsiadis | Adjustable Button and All-Suture Anchors as Suspensory Devices for Arthroscopic Glenoid Rim Fracture Fixation. Surgical technique and preliminary results
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Discussion | Evolving Techniques in Arthroscopic Shoulder Surgery
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