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Scientific Programme


15:00 CEST: Start of the webinar

Moderator: Andrzej Fal

Introduction by Andrzej Fal
“Different tools for fighting addictions. Holistic attitude in public health.”

Introductory speech by Iwona Pylak
“Excise tax in public health: ‘The less harm, the lower tax’.”

Panel discussion
Emanuele Bracco
Andrzej Fal
Volodymyr Korolenko
Iwona Pylak
Arkadi Sharkov
Martin Smatana

16:00 CEST: End of the webinar

Webinar moderator
Andrzej Fal, Prof. h.c., MD, PhD, MBA, FAAAAI, President, Polish Society of Public Health;
Head, Department of Allergy, Lung Diseases & Internal Medicine, Central Clinical Hospital, Ministry of Interior;
Director, Institute of Medical Science, UKSW, Poland

Webinar Panelists
Emanuele Bracco, Associate Professor of Economics, University of Verona, Italy
Volodymyr Korolenko, MD, DSc, MPA, AMRSPH, Deputy Head, State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control
Iwona Pylak, Deputy Director of the Department of excise and gaming tax, Polish Ministry of Finances
Arkadi Sharkov, Healthcare Economist, Advisor to the Bulgarian Minister of Health
Martin Smatana, Healthcare analyst, Slovak Medical University

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